Govt stressing on diversification of agriculture to include crops/varieties needing less water

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and State Agricultural Universities have formulated various early maturing varieties of crops which perform well under moisture stress/drought conditions.
Several techniques are being standardized which require less water than normal transplanted rice:

  • System Rice Intensification (SRI)
  • Direct Seeded Rice (DSR)
  • Aerobic rice
  • Alternate Wet and Drying (AWD)

The Government under the programme “Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India” is promoting SRI in rice to save water and other inputs.

  • Wheat varieties suited for rainfed and restricted irrigations have been developed.


  • In some areas, maize as a rabi crop is giving excellent profitable results and this crop requires less water than rice. Front Line Demonstrations (FLDs) are being conducted on Rabi maize to popularize this crop in place of rice and other high water requiring crops.


  • “Initiation on Nutritional Security through intensive millets promotion (INSIMP)” programme for millets, which require very less water, is also being promoted.

“Crop Diversification in Original Green Revolution States” scheme: During presentation of the Central Budget 2013-14 the scheme was declared by the Govt which will consider growing crops will less water in states like Punjab, Haryana and Western UP.



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