Govt. restores ‘ration in kind’ provision to military officers in peace areas

The Government of India has approved Union Ministry of Defence proposal for restoration of ‘ration in kind’ to military officers stationed in peace areas. This is one of the first major decisions taken by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh after he assumed the new portfolio role in Modi government’s 2nd term.

Key Highlights

Background: On 1 July 2017, government had taken the decision that instead of free ration in kind facility defence officers would be given certain allowance.  This decision to withdraw provision of ration in kind, a practice that was being followed since 1983 was based on a recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC). Initially the ration in kind facility was applicable only to junior officers but was subsequently extended to all ranks. The MoD decision to cancel free ration for officers in peace postings met with criticism from several quarters within the three armed forces services.

Allowance: Defence forces had told Defence Ministry that in case if ration in kind facility was discontinued then an allowance of Rs.205.11/officer/day without tax exemptions must be paid. However, central government decided only an amount of Rs.96 as allowance. Later a cost analysis was done which revealed that in case of free ration cost came up to Rs.100 per officer per day.

Importance: Now after restoration of ration in kind facility all officers of armed forces, including those in peace stations, will be getting ration. This result of restoration is due to a lot of effort from all levels in Defence Ministry and Indian Armed Forces.




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