Government sanctioned Quadricycle as a new vehicle

Screenshot_8The road transport and highways ministry sanctioned “Quadricycle” as a new category of vehicle on Indian roads. These vehicles are safer than three-wheelers as they have four wheels with fully enclosed body structure with hard top and doors. After integrating suggestions and objections, transport minister Oscar Fernandes approved the proposal that under this category, battery-powered or electric four-wheelers will also be considered.

About Quadricycle Vehicle

It is a four-wheel vehicle with a small engine to be positioned between a three-wheeler and a passenger car which does not meet the same safety and emission norms of regular passenger cars and have their own set of regulations.

  • The vehicle will be of two types – passenger carriers and goods carriers – with different maximum kerb weights and length.
  • It will be allowed to ply only on city roads as transport vehicles and not as personal vehicles.
  • Passenger carriers will have a maximum weight of 450kg and a max length of 3 metres, while goods carriers will have a maximum weight of 500kg and a length of 3.7 metres.
  • It will be permitted to carry a maximum of four passengers or a maximum weight of up to 500kg.

Note: Kerb (Curb) weight is the total weight of an automobile with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables (e.g., motor oil and coolant), and a full tank of fuel, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo.



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