Government to revive Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change

The Central government is planning to reconstitute and revive the PM’s Council on Cilmate Change. This Council oversaw the implementation of the eight missions under the NAPCC (National Action Plan on Climate Change). This advisory body had not met in the last three years.
An Executive Committee had been set up in January 2013, comprising of officials from relevant Ministries, to assist the Council and monitor implementation of the eight missions. However, despite this, lack of funding and co-ordination lead to slow implementation of proposals under the eight missions. Most missions have been underperforming in relation to their targets.
With renewed emphasis on climate change in the international, the government has deemed it imperative to formulate a coherent domestic climate change policy. The reconstituted Council is expected to review the implementation of the eight missions and undertake a comprehensive reassessment of the country’s climate change policy. Moreover, the composition of the Council is expected to be tweaked to accommodate more members from the industrial sector.

Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change

The Council was established in 2007. It was responsible for framing the NAPCC in 2008. The High Level Advisory group was given the role of co-coordinating action plans for assessment, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. It also advised the government on multiple climate change related issues and facilitated inter-ministerial cooperation and coordination in the arena of climate change.



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