Google+ : A failed social network shut by Google

The failed Social Network Google+ will be laid to rest from Tuesday 2nd April 2019. It was first launched in 2011 as a major competitor of Facebook and Twitter. It was Google’s 4th attempt at a social network.

What was Google+?

                The Google Plus was first launched as invite platform. It had many features like posting photos, status updates, etc. The only hit feature of Google+ was Hangouts. It was used to make video call and create group conversation with friends.

Reasons for its failure

  • It had a changeable User Interface.
  • It operated on a strict real name policy and therefore often banned people using screen names. This created problems to log into other Google services like gmail.
  • Google even tried to integrate Google+ with its other successful launches. For instance in 2013 Google made an announcement that anybody who wanted to comment on Youtube has to have a Google+ account,

The efforts are all in vain and finally Google is shutting it down.


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