GoI to expand WHO’s 3S programme in the country

The Government of India will expand the 3S programme-Smart Safety Surveillance of WHO in the country. The expansion is being done to make sure the vaccines distributed under universal immunization programme are safe and also to optimize post-marketing surveillance of priority drugs.

3S Programme in India

The programme was introduced by WHO (World Health Organization) in India considering limited safety data on vaccines in the country.

Under 3S programme, India is currently evaluating rotavirus vaccines. The Government is also planning to collaborate the key stakeholders of the programme to ensure high levels of vigilance. The key stakeholders of 3S programme include Ministry of Health and Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

GoI will also expand the coverage of PCV (Pneumonal Conjugate Vaccine) to all states by 2022 under 3S programme.


According to ministry of Health and Family Welfare, often new medical products that enter Indian markets are with limited safety data from clinical trials. Also, they are pertinent to small controlled population and therefore difficult to track. Hence, it becomes essential to monitor post-marketing of immunization programmes.

The PCV project was launched in India in 2017. Even after 2 years, the Health ministry has not yet launched an impact study about the programme. Such shortcomings are to be addressed under the new expansion programme.

Also, it is essential to have impact evaluation of newly launched vaccines for further policy decisions.




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