GoI sets Hydrogen Energy Development Targets

The Government of India has planned to include hydrogen energy development under its renewable energy Future Plans.


Currently the Government of India has set a target to generate 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022 and hydrogen has not been included in the target. This includes, 100 Watts of solar power, 60 gigawatts of wind, 10 GW from biofuels and 5 gigawatts from hydro based projects. According to TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), the hydrogen used in India will expand between 3 to 10 times by 2050 if the country shifts its focus towards a carbon neutral economy.

What is the plan?

A committee of officials have been formed as a part of hydrogen mission. This committee is to focus towards creating regulations, generating volumes, support demonstrations and Research and Development.

National hydrogen energy road map

The national hydrogen energy roadmap was adopted in 2006 by the national hydrogen energy board. The main objective of the roadmap was to introduce hydrogen energy gradually into the economy and accelerate and commercialize hydrogen energy infrastructure in the country. It also looks after production, storage, transport, delivery and application of hydrogen energy in the country.

Hydrogen energy in India

Currently hydrogen is being produced for non-energy applications. This includes petroleum refineries and fertilizer Industries predominantly.

GoI Reports on hydrogen energy

The ministry of New and renewable energy submitted its report titled ” hydrogen energy and fuel cells in India -a way forward”.  The key findings of the report are as follows

  • 48 percentage of hydrogen produced in India currently are from natural gas.
  • 30% is produced from oil, 10% from coal and 4% from electrolysis of water.

Hydrogen in transportation

The NTPC, a Public Sector Unit operating under Ministry of power in April 2020 e e invite a global expression of interest to provide Electric buses and electric cars. These vehicles run on electricity produced from hydrogen fuel cells. This project was first of its kind in the country.

Hydrogen gas it is also widely used for spacecraft preparation other than internal combustion engines.

Hydrogen gas is one of the lightest elements. Therefore, it rises in the atmosphere and is rarely found in its pure form. It is a zero-emission fuel when burnt with oxygen.




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