GoI releases guidelines for evaluation of nano-based Agricultural input

On July 7, 2020, the Government of India released guidelines to evaluate nano-based agriculture input and food products in the country. The guidelines were released by Ministry of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan and Union Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar.


The guidelines were prepared by Ministry of Science and Technology, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The guidelines will provide transparent, predictable and consistent pathways for nano-formulations.


The guidelines is important as Nanobiotechnology has potential to improve the agricultural systems through increase in plant productivity and crop protection. This will help to meet changing needs and requirements of growing population.

The use of nano-nutrients will help to reduce nutrient run-off into surface water and ground water. This will help reduce environmental pollution.

The Guidelines

The guidelines apply to two categories as follows

  • The Agri-input products that are in the nano form of finished formulation
  • The Agri-products that are in the nano form of finished feed formulation, finished food formulations and finished diary formulations

Nano Materials

The Nano Materials are materials that ranges between size 1 nm and 100 nm. The Nano-agri input product is defined as agricultural input that are prepared containing Nano Materials intended for applications on crops for the purpose of farming.

The Nano-Agri Product is an agricultural preparation that contains nanomaterials intended for consumption, application in food or feed and also supplements.




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