GI tag for Tirur Vettila leaf

The Tirur Vettila has been granted a new Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indication Registry of India.

What has happened?

  • The Tirur Vettila is a betel leaf which is obtained from the trees in the Tirur and surrounding areas of Malappuram district, Kerala.
  • The Tirur Vettila tree is renowned for its unique for its high content of total chlorophyll and protein in fresh leaves of the plant.
  • The leaf also has several medicinal properties as it contains the chemical Eugenol which is the major ingredient and essential oil which contributes to the pungency in the Betel leaves.
  • The Tirur Vettila has a longer shelf period when compared to other betel leaves.
  • Over 60% of the harvested Tirur Vettila leaves (the total area under cultivation is 266 acres) is transported to pharma markets in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaypore and Itarsi by rail and also to the other markets in foreign countries.

What is the Geographical Indication?

  • A geographical indication(GI) tag is used on products which come from their origin in a specific location.
  • All GI tags are granted on the basis of the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act,1999 and a GI tag ensures the quality and the authenticity of the product to its position of origin and provides legal protection unauthorized copying of the product.
  • One of the earliest GI tags was granted to the Darjeeling Tea.


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