UN General Assembly adopts of text-based negotiations on UN Security Council reforms

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has adopted text-based negotiations on UN Security Council (UNSC) reforms. It will set the stage for talks on the UNSC reforms issue at its 70th session.
The draft text-based negotiations include questions on equitable representation and increase in the membership of UNSC.
India has welcomed the UNGA’s decision to carry forward the text and described the development as significant and historic. Now it needs to be adopted by consensus by all UN Member States in order reflect of the broad support of the international community to move forward on this issue.
India is looking forward to early commencement of text-based negotiations with a view to securing concrete outcomes during the upcoming 70th Session of the UNGA. It also has called upon all Member States of UN to constructively engage in this process so that the long pending reform of the UNSC can be achieved to give it more power to address the global challenges more effectively.



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