GBRC scientists find three new mutations of COVID-19

On April 17, 2020, the scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC) have found three new mutations of COVID-19 virus. With this, GBRC becomes the first government laboratory in the country to sequence whole genome of COVID-19.


There are six mutations of the virus that have been found so far. The scientists at GBRC have found three more new mutations. Therefore, so far 9 mutations of the virus have been found.

Also, it has been mentioned that the virus can mutate manifold. The scientists believe that the virus can mutate twice a month. In order to obtain complete genome sequences of the virus, more samples of COVID-19 samples are required.

Genome Sequencing

The Genome Sequencing is a method that is used to find DNA sequence of genome of an organism.


The ICMR has recently found COVID-19 virus in two species of fruit bats. This says that active surveillance of bats is also essential to find the emerging strains of the virus.




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