Flipora: Social Surfing service


  • A Social Surfing service
  • imageA Personalized Search (webpage recommendation) and Discovery engine
  • Made by Infoaxe Inc.
  • Formerly called InfoAxe, Flipora grew from a service that helped users simply find sites they’ve already visited.
  • Flipora helps user remember the great websites (s)he visits (with web history search) and recommends great websites based on what user liked in the past.
  • It aims at helping internet users find interesting web-pages on the topics that they like.
  • It provides significant social surfing recommendations to help users discover and enjoy new web content and sites.
  • Flipora currently has 8 million users.

Flipora’s Indian Connection:

  • Founded by two Indian graduates from Stanford University.
  • Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan

How does Flipora work? … Negative side of Flipora…

How does Flipora work?

  • Flipora uses a user’s browsing history in order to understand their interests and offer them personalized recommendations.
  • It also uses the aggregate anonymized browsing histories of its millions of users to identify fresh and popular web-pages on different topics.
  • It helps users discover new websites based on the interests that their browsing habits shows.

Negative side of Flipora:

  • In order to promote itself, Flipora utilizes spam and phishing techniques to gather email addresses.
  • When one signs up (s)he inadvertently gives Flipora an access to his/her email address book and Flipora uses that information to send all of their friends, family and co-workers junk mail inviting them to also use Flip, Flipora and Infoaxe.
  • It is held that Flipora might also be selling email address book information to third party spammers.



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