Five Judges of Supreme Court infected with Swine Flu; Ministry of Health takes immediate actions

On February 25, 2020, five judges of Supreme Court were infected from Swine Flu. Though the disease caused by H1N1 virus is seasonal, the Ministry of Health took several preventive measures in order to prevent further spread of the disease.


Under the guidance of Ministry of Health, Prophylactic treatment was given to all the members who came in contact with the judges. A workshop is to be conducted at the Bar Council of India Office.

Prophylactic treatment is a preventive measure.

Peak Seasons of H1N1

The Swine Flu is at its peak twice every year. It is between January and March and also between July and September. Though, the infections are common at this point of time, preventive actions being taken throughout the complex of the apex court to contain the spread of the virus.


H1N1 is an Influenza virus. It was first reported in 2009. The stain of the virus that infects humans are alone pandemic. The other stains of the virus namely swine influenza infecting pigs and Avian Influenza infecting birds are endemic.

What is Pandemic, Endemic and Epidemic?

Pandemic is a disease that may spread throughout the world. Endemic is a disease that exists permanently with in a territory or among a specific population. Epidemic is a disease that attacks many people in the same time and spreads through several communities.




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