New fish species named Puntius Dolichopterus discovered in Kerala

A new species of cyprinid freshwater fish named Puntius Dolichopterus has been discovered in Kerala’s Kayamkulam city.
It was discovered by Mathews Plamoottil, head of the department of zoology in Baby John Memorial Government College of Kollam district.

Facts about Puntius Dolichopterus

  • Named after two Greek words ‘dolikhos’ meaning elongated and ‘pteron’ meaning wing or fin. The fish has been included in the fish family Cyprinidae.
  • Characteristics: It has elongated pectoral fin and shorter dorsal fin. It also has unusually elongated dorsal spine which is rigid, strong and long and has longer head.
  • It has lesser number of lateral line scales and pre-dorsal scales. Its body is silvery, pectoral and anal fin greenish yellow and dorsal fin is light orange red.
  • Its ventral fin yellow while the caudal fin dusky and an inconspicuous dusky spot present on scales.
  • Habitat: found in small and shallow water channels. It is edible and can be utilised as ornamental fish.



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