First Time India sends tri-services contingent to Russia’s Victory Day Parade

India is to send its tri-services contingent of all three services namely army, navy and air force to Russia. The contingents are to take part in Victory Day parade to be held in Moscow.


Around 75 to 80 personnel are to reach Moscow to take part in the Victory Day parade. This is the first time all the three services of India are participating. Earlier, in 2015 the Indian Army alone took part in the parade.

Victory Day Parade

Every year, the Victory Day is celebrated on May 9. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis the parade was postponed. The parade is held every year to mark the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945.

The military parade of Russia is held at the Red Square, Moscow with the President of Russia as the guest of honour.


China will also send its soldiers to the parade. With the face off in Ladakh, both Indian and Chinese soldiers are to participate at the parade together. India is to send 75 of its soldiers. 25 from Army, 25 from Navy and 25 from Air Force.




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