Facebook tests Express Wi-Fi in India

According to facebook, the company’s “Express Wifi” is live in India. Express Wi-Fi is part of Facebook’s larger Internet.org mission. It aims to bring internet connectivity throughout the world, especially in the remote areas. The company has been testing Express Wi-Fi in other parts of the world as well.

Express Wi-Fi is not a free service like Google’s Wi-Fi at the railway stations. It makes use of the old cable operator model and works with the local entrepreneur with technology, business solutions and marketing to get Express Wi-Fi working. It thus helps the local entrepreneurs to provide quality internet access and make a steady income. The users need to be present in a community area to access the Internet. The company is only creating the Wi-Fi access point for users with their software. In that process, it still depends on the local Internet service providers for the data. This model is implemented in more than 100 villages across India.

Free Basics was also part of this Internet.org mission. Free Basics was criticized for allegedly violating net neutrality.


It will offer quality internet access in rural parts of the country at the same time supporting local entrepreneurs to earn a steady income.