Egypt gets new constitution

Egypt President Mohammed Morsi signed the controversial new constitution drafted by allies of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist after it got approval from the countrywide referendum. With the approval of the constitution, the way for parliamentary elections in coming months is clear.
The new constitution is being criticized as it attempts to mingle religion with politics and that it could allow clerics to intervene in the lawmaking process and leave minority groups without proper legal protection. A number of key groups, including Coptic Christians and secular liberals, withdrew from the drafting process, saying it had been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies.
The Egyptian authorities have imposed a ban on travelling in or out of the country with more than $10,000 (£6,200) in foreign currency, a move apparently intended to halt capital flight. The move was made after some Egyptians began withdrawing their savings from banks in fear of tougher currency restrictions.



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