Ebola is a Public Health Emergency: WHO

The emergency committee of the World Health Organization has unanimously agreed to proclaim the Ebola virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
As per the UN body, the possible outcomes of further international spread are particularly serious in view of the mortality rate linked with the disease, the intensive community and health facility transmission patterns, and the fragile health systems in the currently affected and most at-risk countries.
As per WHO, the current Ebola outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013 and has since spread to Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. As of August 4, 2014, 1,711 cases of the infection have been reported and over 1,000 of which have been confirmed, and 932 deaths due to the virus have occurred.
The WHO also released a list of recommendations for governments in affected nations. Among other things, the organization suggested temporary bans on “mass gatherings” and exit screenings at airports to examine people leaving countries hit by the virus.



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