DHRUVs: UV based Sanitizer by DRDO to sanitize phones

The Research Centre Imarat (RCI) of Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) has developed Defence Research Ultraviolet Sanitizer (DHRUVS).


The RCI of DRDO based in Hyderabad has developed a Ultra Violet Cabinet to sanitize mobile phones, laptops, iPads, passbooks, challans and paper. It can also be used to sanitize currency notes and papers. It provides 360-degree exposure to UV rays to the objects placed inside the cabinet.

DHRUV is a contactless ultraviolet sanitization cabinet that is highly useful to sanitize electronic gadgets.

How does UV kill virus?

After the spread of COVID-19, several UV technologies have emerged to disinfect the daily use objects. In China, buses are being disinfected with UV light technology every night after their use.

The technology where Ultra Violet is used as disinfector is called Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). The UV light is weak on the earth’s surface as it is blocked by sunlight. Also, UV light is harmful to humans.

The short wavelength UV are generally the germicidal UV. They are between the wavelength 200 nm and 300 nm. They are highly absorbed by nucleic acids. When absorbed, the nucleic acids lose their capability of replication. Also, the nucleic acid disintegrates shortly leading to death of the organism.




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