Cyclone Hudhud intensifies near Andaman

Cyclonic storm Hudhud is building over the Bay of Bengal and is likely to bring torrential rains and strong wind to the region over the next few days. The name Hudhud has been given by Oman, and it is derived from the name of an Afro-Eurasian bird.

Preparations for Hudhud

The cyclone is scheduled to hit the Odisha coast by October 12. It is also expected to hit the Andhra Pradesh coastline. However, it will not directly hit West Bengal, though the state is expected to feel the impacts of the cyclone. The states in the Bay of Bengal region have issued warnings asking fishermen not to venture deep into the sea.
The intensity of Hudhud is expected to be on the lines of that of cyclone Phailin which hit Odisha last year.

Evolution of Hudhud

Hudhud first appeared as a low pressure are over the South Myanmar coast adjoining Andaman Sea. This evolved in to a depression around 250 km east of Port Blair on 6 October. This depression is expected to intensify into a cyclonic circulation by 8 October. The immediate effect of the cyclone formation will obviously be felt on the Andaman & Nicobar Island where heavy rains and minor damage to loose and unsecured structures have been predicted. After crossing the Andamans, the cyclonic circulation is expected to south-west into the Bay of Bengal and take shape of a cyclonic storm.



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