Conflict b/w UIDAI and NPR resolved

To end the conflict b/w the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and National Population Register, a Cabinet Committee has worked out a halfway house which will lead in the Biometric Data of all residents of India being captured by June 2013.

Permission and additional finances of 5,791 crore have been granted to UIDAI to enrol another 40 crore people in 16 States under its ‘Aadhaar scheme’. This data collected by UIDAI will be accepted by NPR. In the remaining states, NPR will continue its own collection of data via the Registrar General of India. UIDAI’s chairperson Nandan Nilekani has assured to address the Home Ministry’s security worries via a complete review of the UIDAI’s process over the following months in order to ensure that UIDAI’s data collection meets the NPR’s needs and standards. UIDAI has been assigned to enrol 20 crore people by March 2012.

  • UIDAI comes under the Planning Commission and NPR comes under the Home Ministry’s National Population Register.
  • UIDAI: Voluntary Scheme while NPR: Mandatory for all residents of India.
  • Duplication of data b/w UIDAI and NPR to be less than 5% as per the Home Minister.
  • In case of disagreements b/w UIDAI data and NPR data, NPR data will dominate. That means that if a resident has enrolled himself with the UIDAI and has had his fingerprints and iris scanned, he can simply give his ‘Aadhaar number’ to the NPR registrars instead of submitting himself to biometric data collection twice.




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