Company in News: “Interviewstreet”


“Interviewstreet” provides Technical platform to US Govt

Interviewstreet played a key role in preparing technological platform to the US government’s Equal Pay program. The US govt hired Interviewstreet to develop a technology platform on which to build the tools that would promote President Obama’s initiative to promote equal pay for women in corporate America. The startup provided them a product that programmers could use to build the best mobile or software applications for a national contest on the equal pay initiative.

Interviewstreet: A brief

  • An Indian IT start-up company cofounded by two alumini of NIT Trichy- Vivek Ravisankar & Harishankaran K
  • The startup helps companies to sift out best programming talent from the larger pool with the help of their web based tools
  • It assists companies to create customized programming tests (in any language) and evaluate candidates based on their programming skills before proceeding for an interview. It saves the precious time of companies as only individuals with optimum skiil set will be interacted with.
  • The idea of this startup originated when two engineers rolled out a platform for mock interviews with college students during placement season to churn out best programming talents. Both of them were hired by Amazon and IBM but they quit their job in order to expand their startup.
  • Currently Interviewstreet’s customers include US space agency Nasa, game developer Zynga, Facebook and Amazon

What is so unique with Interviewstreet?

  • First Indian company to be selected for an incubation programme at Y Combinator, the iconic Silicon Valley seed fund.



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