China tests nuke missile

The People’s Liberation Army launched a Dongfeng 31-B from the Wuzhai Missile and Space Test Centre also known as the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi province. The intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of 10,000 kms and can reach US and most of European countries.The test was done to mark its National Day and reinforce its nuclear deterrant. The D 31-B is said to be an updated version of 31-A and signified the second launch of PLA ‘s Second Artillery Corps in the last 3 months.
The military experts in China believe that the test is done to prove and reiterate China’s military might to the world. It is also seen in the light of improving China’ nuclear threat which becomes even more imperative in the current environment where USA has garnered a huge coalition in Western Asia to combat extremist build-up.
The experts feel that they are not aiing to target US but feel a grave need to conduct such military tests as the current situations are not good for Beijing. Other media reports also suggest that the USA’s Asia’s pivot had thereby plan to send 60% of its military to the region has created enough conditions for pressure build-up on Beijing to pull its nuclear strings. The Chinese media is also stating that China will soon roll-out Dongfeng 41 which will have a range of 12,000 kms and allow Beijing to be able to attack anywhere in US soils.
It is believed that the new warhead has a capability of carrying multiple warheads as against the single warhead capability of D 31-A.



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