China and Taiwan hold first high-level meeting since 1949

Screenshot_12The Representatives of Taiwan and China hold their first high-level meeting since they split 65 years ago, after a brutal China’s civil war.  The official talks held between Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Minister Mr. Wang Yu-chi and China’s Vice Foreign Minister Mr. Zhang Zhijun (who heads the Taiwan Affairs Office) at Nanjing, Jiangsuprovince of China.
Outcome of the official level talks: Both the countries agreed to set up representative offices “as early as possible” for the two semi-official organizations which deal with ties between the two. And, also agreed to deepen economic ties and “appropriately deal with” issues on medical care for students in either place. 

About China-Taiwan relations
  • China and Taiwan ruled by separate governments since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.
  • China’s constitution claims Taiwan as part of its territory.
  • Taiwan has never formally renounced its decades-old claim to the whole of China.
  • China has offered a “one country, two systems” solution, like Hong Kong. 

Note: The official talks between the two countries are sensed as an attempt to facilitate wider exchanges and building cross-strait relations and a confidence building exercise.



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