China launches new Yaogan-23 remote sensing satellite

China has launched remote sensing satellite Yaogan-23 from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre. It was carried by a Long March-2C rocket, marking the 198th mission for the Long March rocket family.
It was also the 49th successful orbital launch from the Taiyuan Satellite launch Center, the 4th launch from this space center in 2014 and the 10th orbital launch for China this year.
Yaogan-23 satellite will mainly be used for scientific experiments, natural resource surveys, crop yield estimates and disaster relief.

Yaogan Satellite series

  • In 2006, China launched the first satellite in the Yaogan series that is Yaogan-1.
  • In future, China planned to launch about 70 remote sensing satellites to detect the near-Earth space environment and predict extreme events.
  • China will also launch about 20 communication satellites to meet communication demand in national security and public services.
  • Besides, China will launch about 30 navigation satellites to provide accurate and reliable global positioning and navigation services.



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