Chilean President impeached

President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, was impeached on November 9, 2021 by the lower house of Chile’s congress, due to allegations regarding Pandora Papers.


  • This impeachment has set a trial in the Chile’s Senate on whether to remove him because of allegations that he favoured the sale of family property while being in office.
  • Trial received the bare minimum of 78 votes in favour in the 155-member Chamber of Deputies.
  • Sixty-seven legislators, including members of the opposition, have voted against the constitutional accusation.
  • Others abstained or were absent.


Chilean President have been accused after publication of Pandora Papers, that revealed offshore financial dealings of prominent figures across the world including Sebastian Pinera.

What is Pandora papers issue?

  • Leaked documents revealed that one of his sons used offshore companies in British Virgin Islands to sale Dominga mining project, which is co-owned by his family.
  • When case was being investigated, Pinera denied his involved in managing the companies and his connection with Dominga.
  • President’s office further noted that, Pinera’s first term as president in between 2010-2014, hadn’t started when the sale of Dominga mining project was agreed to.
  • Pinera’s holdings are now managed in a blind trust.
  • However, the case is being investigated once again by national prosecutor’s office.

About Chile

Chile is located in western South America. It occupies a long, narrow strip of land in between Andes and Pacific Ocean. The country covers an area of 756,096 square kilometres. Chile is the southernmost country of the world, located near Antarctica. It shares border with Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Drake Passage.




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