Charan Paduka Initiative: First of its kind launched for Migrant Workers

The Charan Paduka Campaign was launched in Madhya Pradesh for the migrant workers passing through the state. Under the campaign the migrant workers were provided with shoes and slippers to reduce their pain.


The Charan Paduka campaign is being conducted by the Police of Madhya Pradesh state. Eventually, the initiative received full support of the public. By providing slippers, the pain of the migrant workers is being reduced.

The Government of India has been taking several measures to help the migrant workers returning to their home towns.

Measures of GoI

The GoI announced Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan under which migrant workers were covered largely. The Government allocated Rs 20 lakh crores for the initiative. Under the initiative, food and accommodation of the migrant workers were focused


The One Nation One Card Scheme is to be implemented in June, 2020. This will help provide relief for the migrant workers. However, in order to provide immediate relief, GoI announced free food grain supply for two months. This includes 5 kg of grains and 1 kg of pulses. To avail this, the migrant workers need not use a ration card.

The free food grains are being provided under the National Food Security Act


As an immediate relief, temporary shelters were constructed. Affordable rental housing scheme is to be launched under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana for migrant workers.



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