Centre announces Rs. 286 Crore for flood hit Assam

After an aerial survey of flood hit areas in the NER (North Eastern Region), the Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced additional central assistance for Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.

Memorandum on Flood Damages

The Home Minister asked the Government of Assam and Meghalaya to submit a memorandum on flood damages  for the assessment of an inter-ministerial team. Depending on the  assessment, the Centre would look into providing further assistance.


Rs. 286 cr assistance has been announced for Assam under NDRF. This is in addition to the Rs. 386 cr already granted. Assam had asked for Rs. 1,000 cr in central assistance. The CM of Assam has accused the Centre of prejudice between states. Earlier, J&K had been granted central assistance of Rs. 1,000 cr.


Rs. 8 cr assistance has been announced for Meghalaya under NDRF. This is in addition to the Rs. 123 cr already granted.  Meghalaya had asked for Rs. 2,000 cr in central assistance

 Arunachal Pradesh

Rs. 20 cr was announced in addition to the Rs. 70 cr that has already been released by the government


Two additional battalions of the National Disaster Response Force will be stationed in the NER to deal with disasters in the NER. The flash floods and landslide that were caused by a cloud burst over Garo Hills have caused large scale destruction of property and infrastructure.

 Brahmaputra River Valley Authority (BRVA)

The CM of Assam asked the centre to expedite the setting up of BRVA so that a long term solution to mititgate erosion of land by the Brahmaputra and Barak river basins.



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