Catastrophic storm hits Nepal ”Kills 29

A freaky storm hit Sothern Nepal killing 29 and injuring 600 others. High speed winds tore houses and damaged vehicles. Electric poles uprooted all over.

Massive winds stuck Bara and other districts of Parsa on Sunday. The winds were accompanied by hailstorms and rains. Many people were killed and many others were buried under the rubbles.

Every year, many die in Nepal due to floods an landslides. But storms during spring are rare. The estimates of the disaster are yet to be assessed. The storm toppled 12 buses that were parked on the road sides. It also affected the power supply and internet connectivity throughout Nepal.

The Government announced to provide Rs 300, 000 to every affected family along with tents, food supplies and other necessities. It also has directed the health institutions to provide free treatment to the affected people.

State emergency was declared in the storm hit regions.


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