Boeing delivers first of C-17 to IAF

American Plane maker Boeing has made scheduled delivery of the first of 10 C-17 Globemaster III airlifters to the Indian Air Force (IAF). Boeing is expected to deliver four more C-17s to the IAF this year and five in 2014. India inked a pact with the U.S. in June 2011, to buy 10 C-17 airlifters, making India the largest C-17 customer outside the U.S.

About C-17 Globemaster-III

A high-wing, 4-engine, T-tailed military-transport aircraft, the multi-service C-17 can carry large equipment, supplies and troops directly to small airfields in harsh terrain anywhere in the world day or night. The massive, sturdy, long-haul aircraft tackles distance, destination and heavy, oversized payloads in unpredictable conditions.
It can land in remote airfields in rough, land-locked regions to serve for military, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. It can take off from a 7,600-ft. airfield, carry a payload of 160,000 pounds, fly 2,400 nautical miles, and refuel while in flight and land in 3,000 ft. or less on a small unpaved or paved airfield in day or night.



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