Bihar's turnaround analyzed at London School of Economics (LSE)

At the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) a thesis titled “The New Bihar: Rekindling Governance and Development” launched. It was edited by Rajya Sabha MP N K Singh and director of LSE India Observatory Nicholas Stern. In it, the growth of the Bihar was the core point of discussion

  • Bihar is a state with a long and rich history which hit rock bottom for about 2 decades and got left behind from the mainstream development of the country.
  • It is one of the India’s poorest and most populous states.
  • Nevertheless, under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the states’ turn around growth is the matter of discussion in the London School of Economics (LSE).
  • Its turnaround in the last eight-nine years has seen a growth rate of 13.5 % last year.
  • Still, Bihar needs additional and incremental growth because estimates show that if the state continues to grow at 13 %, it will take 20 years to approximate India’s average rate of growth.

Indian High Commissioner Mr. Ranjan Mathai stated that the Bihar story proves that the relatively low base as a starting point and small changes in policies and regulations can trigger growth.



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