Bihar tops the growth chart with 13.1 % GSDP 2011-12

As per the latest data released by Ministry of Statistics of India, Bihar has the highest economic growth rate in the country.

  • Recorded a remarkable 13.1%growth in 2011-12
  • Topped the list for 2nd consecutive year
  • Bihar’s economy has left Punjab behind in terms of growth
  • Bihar is followed by Delhi and Puducherry with 11.3 % and 11 % respectively
  • Chhattisgarh with its 10.8%and Goa 10.7 % are at 4th and 5th position respectively
  • Tamil Nadu and Gujarat registered growth of 9.4%and 9.1% respectively
  • Punjab, AP, Karnataka and UP registered growth rate lower than India’s GDP of 6.5% for 2011-12


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