Barack Obama authorised air strikes against ISIS militants in Syria

The US President, Barack Obama for the first time, authorized US air strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants in Syria. He also asked to increase the airstrikes in Iraq. This will be the first unrestricted bombing crusade of the US against jihadist ISIS militants in Syria. As per the strategy, the airstrikes will be a organized crusade of against the group.
Obama held that the air strikes were essential counter-terrorism action to stop the ISIS group to become a threat for the US in future, thus his order doesn’t need congressional approval. ISIS militants have seized a swath territory in northern parts of Iraq and Syria.
Apart from this, the key ten Arab countries have agreed to help the US in its fight against the jihadist group, Islamic State (IS). They have assured to offer military backing and humanitarian assistance to the US to stop the flow of funds and foreign fighters to ISIS. Only, the NATO member, Turkey declined to join in the group of Arab nations that will support the US.