All ASI protected historical monuments declared polythene-free zones

All Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) protected historical monuments and archaeological sites have declared polythene-free zones.
Union Ministry of Culture has issued an advisory to all State Governments/UTs to support ASI in keeping monuments polythene free up to 300 meters from protected boundaries.
Rani ki Vav (Gujarat), a 900-year-old World Heritage Site was declared as the cleanest iconic place (among top 25 Adarsh Monuments) in the country by the Union Ministry of Culture.It was presented with the “Cleanest Iconic Place” Award at the Indian Sanitation Conference (INDOSAN) 2016.
ASI had ranked these 25 Adarsh Monuments on the basis of Cleanliness parameters such as amenities like toilets, Polythene Free Zone, green lawns, disabilities access, signage for awareness, drinking water and provision for garbage bins etc.
Rani ki Vav (the Queen’s Stepwell): It was built in the 11th century AD as a memorial to a king by Queen Udaymat. It is located in Patan district of Gujarat. It was added as part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2014.



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