Argentina Abortion Laws

Argentina recently became the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion.

What are the key features of new Argentina abortion law?

Under the new law Argentina has legalised abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy. In India, abortion is legal till 24th week of pregnancy according to medical termination of pregnancy (Amendment) act, 2020. Earlier it was 20 weeks.

Why is the new Abortion law of Argentina considered historic?

The new abortion laws of Argentina is considered historic because prior to the passing of the bill abortions were permitted only in cases of rape or he’ll help. The activist of Argentina have been campaigning for a new law to overturn this rule since 1921.

 How will the new abortion law help the women of Argentina?

Prior to the new law the women and girls were forced to turn towards unsafe and illegal procedures. The scope of access to safe medical procedures of abortion was even narrower to the women from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to human rights watch, abortion was the leading cause of maternal mortality in Argentina. Such was the ill effects of unsafe illegal abortion in the country.

What are the impacts of Argentina Abortion laws?

The passage of this law will have huge impact in other Latin American countries. Currently abortions are illegal in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Dominic Republic. In some countries such as Cuba, Uruguay, Guyana, women can request for abortion only in specific cases. Some of these countries even have imprisonment as punishment to illegal abortion.

Why did Abortion laws face obstacles in Argentina?

The Catholic Church and the Evangelical community in Argentina hold immense power and influence in the country. These communities strongly opposed the concept of abortions and steps taken to legalise abortions.




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