Antarctic Ocean's carbon dioxide absorption increased

As per a new study Antarctic Ocean has been absorbing increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) , a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) over the past decade.
The research study was published in journal Science and was undertaken by an international research team led by Nicolas Gruber, a professor at ETH Zurich.
Key facts

  • The study dispels fears that Antarctic Ocean’s (also known as the Southern Ocean) carbon sink might have begun to saturate due to increase in CO2 absorbing levels.
  • Researchers have found that since the beginning of the millennium, Antarctic Ocean’s carbon sink has become much stronger, regaining its expected strength.
  • Antarctic Ocean seasonally absorbs vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere and releases it back later in the year.
  • The seas surrounding Antarctica on an annual average absorb significantly more CO2 than they release.
  • These seas help to remove a large part of CO2 that human activities emit into the atmosphere. Thereby, slowing down the growth of this GHG in the atmosphere, lessening the rate of climate change.
  • Antarctic Ocean accounts for 40 per cent of the global oceanic uptake of that man-made carbon dioxide.



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