Andhra Pradesh tops World Bank's energy-saving rankings

Andhra Pradesh has been ranked number one in the World Bank’s ‘Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’.
The ranking of the states were released in the World Bank’s study report titled: ‘India’s State Level Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness’.
Key Facts

  • Andhra Pradesh topped with overall score of 42.01 followed by Rajasthan (41.89), Karnataka (39.34) and Maharashtra (39.29).
  • Kerala, Gujarat, Delhi (UT), Punjab, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh are the other states in the top ten ranking in that order.
  • Andhra Pradesh topped the list by achieving an energy saving of 1,500 million units (MU) i.e. around 650 MW in two years through use of LED lighting.
  • The World Bank study suggests adoption of achievable energy savings targets against the identified energy efficiency interventions.
  • It also calls upon the states to endeavour to bring sector-specific energy efficiency policies with definite goals and time-bound action plans.