Alexis Tsipras sworn-in as Prime Minister of Greece

Alexis Tsipras of left wing Syriza party has sworn in as the Prime Minister of Greece.
He was administered oath to the office by the President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.
It is second time, Alexis Tsipras has sworn in as the PM of Greece. Earlier in January 2015, he had sworn in for first becoming youngest PM of Greece since 1865 at the age of 40.

  • In the September 2015 general (snap) elections to the Greece’s Parliament, Alexis Tsipras led left-wing Syriza party had emerged as the largest party.
  • In this election, Syriza party had won 144 seats in the 300 seat Parliament by securing 35 percent of total votes.
  • In order to meet governing majority in the Parliament, Syriza party had formed a coalition government with the support of Independent Greeks Party.



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