Agriculture Ministry Issues Detailed Guidelines for NMOOP

Agriculture Ministry issued detailed guidelines and strategy to be adopted for implementation of the National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP). The Centre and States will bear costs in the ratio of 75:25.
Objective: To enhance production of traditional oilseed and tree-borne oilseed and also significant area is sought to be brought under oil palm.
Sanctioned: Rs. 3507 crore under 12th plan.

Strategy to implement the proposed NMOOP Mission:
  • Increase Seed Replacement Ratio (SRR) with focus on Varietal Replacement.
  • Increase irrigation coverage under oilseeds from 26% to 36%.
  • Diversification of area from low yielding cereals crops to oilseeds crops.
  • Inter-cropping of oilseeds with cereals/ pulses/ sugarcane.
  • Use the fallow land after paddy /potato cultivation.
  • Expand the cultivation of Oil Palm and tree borne oilseeds in watersheds and wastelands.
  • Increase availability of quality planting material enhancing procurement of oilseeds and collection.
  • Process tree borne oilseeds.

Inter-cropping during gestation period of oil palm and tree borne oilseeds would provide economic return to the farmers when there is no production.



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