Afghanistan suspends talks with the U.S.

The Afghanistan government which is feeling let down by the US over the opening of the Taliban office in Qatar capital Doha, has indicated to the Americans that they can no longer take for granted, the positioning of U.S. forces in the country after the withdrawal of NATO forces in 2014.
Afghanistan has suspended fourth round of talks on security agreement b/w Afghanistan and the U.S. which was going on in Kabul due to contradiction between what the U.S. government says and what it does regarding Afghan peace talks.
Seemingly, the Afghan government was of the view that the Taliban office in the Qatari capital would be an unpretentious venue to advance peace talks, but after its opening they were surprised it has the trappings of a quasi-embassy.
The Taliban has said to use its Doha office to establish contact with the United Nations, international and regional organisations and non-governmental institutions — activities associated with a diplomatic mission rather than a functional clearing house for negotiations.



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