Afghanistan Assembly gives nod to Afghan-US bilateral security agreement

Paving the way for the continuation of some US troops in Afghanistan after 2014, the Loya Jirga, Afghanistan’s Grand Assembly of tribal elders and elite persons on gave nod to the issue of signing the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement. The Afghanistan National Grand Council (Loya Jirga) called on country’s President Hamid Karzai to sign the bilateral security agreement with United States by the end of the year.

What would be the effect of this development?

The resolution passed by the Loya Jirga will render thousands of US troops to remain in Afghanistan once combat operations are over. Earlier, Afghan president Hamid Karzai said that the bilateral security agreement with the US will be signed after presidential elections in 2014. However, as per the US, the delay to agreement was neither practical nor possible. Once the pact is in place, at least 15,000 foreign troops may remain in Afghanistan, which will primarily provide training and mentor to Afghan national security forces.

What is Loya Jirga?

The Afghan constitution of 2003 established a Loya Jirga, consists of both houses of parliament and elected heads of regional administrations, with the power to amend the constitution, impeach the president and decide on matters of national sovereignty.



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