‘Aathmeeyudu’ initiative in Telangana

Aathmeeyudu is an innovative initiative by the local administration in Telangana to improve the government delivery system with respect to education and welfare institutions. The Aathmeeyudu initiative was started by the Narayanpendistrict administration to assess the shortcomings in the implementation side of several welfare institutions. It makes use of officers from other departments to assess and examine these institutions while also collecting complaints and feedback from the beneficiaries. The officers are also to interact with the student beneficiaries at a grass root level to identify implementation issues. Infrastructural gaps were the major issue identified by the initiative. Eg: poor ventilation, lack of sick rooms, insufficient lightings etc. voluntary organisations have been roped in to provide for addressing issues like scarcity of government funds. The service of a mobile application called Palle Pragathi was used to list the problems identified instead of developing a brand new app. Residential schools, tribal welfare institutions and institutions for minority welfare, BC welfare and also model schools were covered under this scheme.




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