51st Conference of Governors, LGs

President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Conference of Governors and Lieutenant Governors on November 10, 2021 at Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi.


  • Conference was also attended by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.
  • This was the fourth conference to be presided over by President Ram Nath Kovind.

About President of India

President of India is the Head of state. He is also called as First citizen of India. President’s appointment, his powers and other things related to the office of President are mentioned under Article 52-62 of the constitution.

About Governor of India

Governor is the constitutional head of the state. He is bound by the advice of council of ministers. Article 153-162 deals with his appointment, powers and other matters related to the office of Governor. He acts as a vital link between Union Government and State Government.

Similarities between President and Governor

  • Both the President and Governor have been given the status of Constitutional Heads.
  • All executive decisions are taken in their name. Though, actual power is exercised by Council of Ministers.
  • All ordinary or money bills passed need their assent before becoming an act.
  • All Money bills are introduced in Lok Sabha with prior recommendation of President and in state legislature with prior recommendation of Governor.
  • Both of them have been provided with power to promulgate ordinances.

Difference between President and Governor

  • President nominates two members of Anglo-Indian Community in Lok Sabha. On the other hand, Governor nominates one member of Anglo-Indian Community in State Legislature.
  • President nominates 12 members in Rajya Sabha. On the other hand, Governor nominates 1/6th members of State Legislative Council.
  • Governor does not have pardoning power with respect to death sentences, though he can commute such sentences. Only President has the power to pardon death sentences.
  • Only President have the power to declare war or peace.
  • Only President have the power to pardon punishment under Martial law.




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