5 Indian languages reinstated in S. African schools curriculum

The South African government reestablished the five Indian languages as official subjects in state-run schools, which were removed from the official curriculum in South African state schools in 1994.

  • Five Indian Languages that are reinstated: Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and Urdu.
  • Initially, these languages will be offered as an optional third language for learners only in KwaZulu-Natal province, where about 70% of the Indian-origin population resides.
  • The classes of these languages will be recognized as official subjects up to matric level (the final year of the schooling system in the country).
  • Though, the subjects will only be offered at schools where the number of learners makes it a viable option to hire specialist teachers in the language concerned.

Note: The five Indian languages Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and Urdu alongside Arabic are referred as Eastern languages.