44,000 years old Painting found in Indonesia Cave

A 44,000 years old painting was discovered on the wall of a cave in Indonesia. The art appears to show a buffalo being hunted by creatures like a part-human, part-animal holding possibly ropes and spears. The finding was presented by archaeologists from the Brisbane based Griffith University in the journal Nature.
This is not the oldest drawing discovered to date, in 2018, humanity’s oldest drawing, 73,000 years old was found on a fragment of rock in South Africa.
The Indonesian drawing was spotted two years ago on the island of Sulawesi, the drawing is 13 ft(4.5 metre) wide. The Australian Griffith university said that it has confirmed that the limestone cave painting belongs to the upper Palaeolithic Period, making it at least 43,900 years old.
Back in 2014, another 35,000-year-old painting was discovered from the Sulawesi Island of Indonesia.



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