400 million people worldwide lack access to essential health services: WHO and WB report

World Bank and World Health Organisation (WHO) in their latest report have reported that around 400-million people worldwide lack access to essential health services.
It was revealed in a report by the World Bank and WHO on tracking universal health care (UHC) coverage. It is the first report to measure health service coverage and financial protection and to assess countries’ progress towards UHC.
Key facts from report

  • It defines UHC in terms of measurable essential services and to be able to assess how governments and communities are performing.
  • Apart from lack access to essential health services, the cost of health care is forcing many into poverty.
  • More than 80 percent of world population has access to key health services.
  • Universal health care should reach everyone regardless of socio-economic level.
  • This UHC should be provided in family planning, TB treatment, antenatal care, HIV anti-retroviral therapy along with improved water sources and improved sanitary facilities.



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