Current Affairs : August 21, 2011

Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

Dr. Manmohan Singh will attend the closing ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata

Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project for coastal states

  • Centre sanctioned Rs 1,500 Crore for Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project for coastal states
  • Objective: To have improved cyclone forecasting, tracking and warning systems, cyclone risk mitigation and capacity building in multi-hazard risk Management
  • Government also plans the Construction of versatile cyclone shelters, including shelter-cum-go-down, approach roads, bridges to habitation and embankments, including construction and renovation of saline embankments

High Precision Radiotherapy-RAPIDARC

  • High Precision Radiotherapy “RAPIDARC”
  • “RAPIDARC” was inaugurated at Madras Cancer Institute, Chennai for treating Cancer
    Centre has allotted Rs 731.52 Crore under the National Cancer Control Programme
  • Under this programme, in 100 districts all over India, the Union Government is supporting 27 Regional Cancer Centres
  • “RapidArc” radiotherapy technology is a new technique of treatment, greatly benefiting the cancer patients
  • “RapidArc” is a fast, simple cancer treatment to the poor, enables unparalleled speed and shorter treatment time for sites such as Head & Neck, Spine, Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis

Noted historian, Prof. R S Sharma passes away

  • Noted historian, Prof. R S Sharma (92) passed away
  • He taught ancient and early medieval History of India at Patna University, Delhi University and the University of Toronto
  • He wrote 115 books which have been published in 15 languages around the world
  • He was the founding chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) in 1972
  • President of the Indian History Congress in 1975
  • First historian who critically studied the different aspects of early Indian social, economic and political structure and brought into focus the exploitation of weaker sections of Indian society
  • He was particularly known for his distinct observations on institutions in ancient Indian society and his report on the Bihar-Bengal boundary dispute
  • He received the Campbell Memorial Gold Medal by the Bombay Asiatic Society in 1987
  • Recipient of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Award in 1989


Two uncommon Stupas and a Buddha statue in Afghanistan

  • Two rare Stupas and a Buddha Statue discovered by Archaeologists in Afghanistan
  • As per the experts, the discovery is a great achievement and it will throw light on the ancient history of Afghanistan

Solar Powered UAVs for all weather conditions to be developed by India

  • India plans to develop solar-powered unmanned flying machines / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • They will have the capability of remaining airborne for at least a month in all weather conditions
  • There will be especially-designed solar panels to keep the UAV airborne even in nights and cloudy weather conditions with the help of Power generated and saved during the day
  • UAV to prove real-time information and data of the area via a secure data link
  • The UAVs can carry a variety of cameras to look deep into the enemy territory for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes
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