CSIR Sero survey Results

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research recently released the results of Sero Survey.

Key Findings of the Survey

  • The survey was conducted on 10,427 persons. Of these, only 10.14% showed sero positivity.
  • The survey suggested that the neutralising antibodies have declined. This had made people prone to reinfections.
  • Around 20% of seropositive individuals lagged neutralisation activity after five to six months.
  • The scientists  conclude from the survey that this might be one of the reasons for the recurrence of outbreaks in March 2021.
  • India had large pool of recovered immune subjects in September 2020. However, the duration for which the developed immunity can withstand is not sufficient to prevent future outbreaks.

What is sero positivity?

It is showing a positive result for a particular antibody in a blood test.

What is Antibody?

It is a blood protein that is generated to fight against a virus. The antibodies are generated against specific antigen. More the antibodies higher is the immunity.

These antibodies are generated in response to substances that body recognises as alien. It can be bacteria, virus or any other foreign substance in the blood.

What are Neutralising Antibodies?

They are those antibodies that are responsible for protecting cells from pathogens.

What is the issue?

A cured COVID-19 patient carries antibodies against COVID-19 virus. His immunity holds as long as he generates these antibodies. According to CSIR, as days pass by these antibodies are reducing in recovered patients. This means that they are again vulnerable to the virus.

Current Scenario

India is currently facing high surge in COVID-19 infections. The daily count increased to 3 lakhs in four consecutive days.


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