Crimson Solar Project: US approves 550 million USD

The United States recently approved 550 million USD for the Crimson Solar Project. The project will provide electricity to 87,500 homes.

About Crimson Solar Project

  • The project is to be set up on 2,000 acres of land in the Desert of California.
  • The project site is 13 miles west of Blythe.
  • The project will be owned by Sonoran West Solar Holdings LLC.
  • The construction of the project is to provide 650 temporary jobs. Also, it will provide forty temporary jobs and ten permanent jobs.
  • It features 350 MW of solar photovoltaic facility and 350 MW of energy storage system.
  • It is a part of Biden’s plan to accelerate development of renewable energy on public land and water.

Solar Energy in the US

As of 2020, the United States had 97,275 MW of installed concentrated and photovoltaic solar power. This is 1.66% of the total electricity consumed by the country.

Biden’s Plan

The US President Joe Biden signed a 2 million USD of infrastructure proposal to curb the Greenhouse gas emissions in the US. The plan also proposed 100 billion USD to update the electric grid system in the country and make it more resilient to climate disasters.

During the Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by the US, the President announced that US will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

California Desert

There are three main deserts in California. They are the Colorado Desert, Mojave Desert and the Great Basin Desert. The Colorado Desert lies in the north west of the Californian Desert. The Great Basin Desert is the only cold desert located in the country.

The Mojave Desert includes San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges. These mountains are outlined by the two largest faults in California called the Garlock Fault and San Andreas Fault.


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