Census India-2021 to be conducted through Mobile App

The 16th Indian Census will begin on 1st April this year for which the Government of India has decided to move away from the traditional pen and paper to a digital method by using an android based mobile application in which the enumerators will be visiting households to seek information from the citizens of the country about the number of television sets, vehicles they own, mobile number, about the number of toilets in their homes, internet services, etc. The government has set a target of 30th September this year for the Census to be completed with as many as 31 questions from every household to be asked and filled up by the enumerators during both the house listing and housing phase of the census. The usual list of residents of the country, National Population Register (NPR) will be carried out along the house listing phase of the census. The reference date of the Census for Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh will be October 1, 2020, while for the rest of India the date will be 1st March 2021.


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